Media Appearances

The Air We Breathe” (released may 31st, 2018).
Participated in “The Wild Life” podcast episode by Devon and Richard Bowker.
In this episode, I talk to Devon, and together with Richard and Dr Julie Koester of UNC-Wilmington we present the general public some truths and principles that are behind and related to where our oxygen comes from, and the tiny organisms we have to thank for our very existence (AKA phytoplankton). The podcast is especially targeting the young audience to improving scientific literacy and encourages the students participation.

Since 2004, when I started working on the environmental effects on nitrogen fixation in the ocean, the question on what is it that that influences the microorganisms physiology (carbo dioxide, pH, nutrients) had been an on-going debate in the scientific community. See the latest discussion as was published by ScienceNews (April 2017)