My passion for teaching, mentoring, and promoting diversity is one of my incentives to work in Academia. I believe that part of my duties as a faculty member is to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with a supportive learning environment. Moreover, I believe that education to scientific literacy starts at a very young age and that scholars should take a lead role in promoting it.

Microorganisms, the environment, and evolution are frequently discussed by the public. However, the connection between our day-to-day life and fundamental microbial processes, like photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation, is often not fully understood. Drawn from my scientific background, I hold an integrative vision of how those different disciplines should be taught in conjunction. For example, I like to introduce the concept of photosynthetic primary productivity as a proxy for environmental health. I believe that by fostering this integrative understanding, students can benefit from relating science with environmental phenomena and their own actions, from recycling to activism.

I currently take great joy in mentoring students in the lab and will post information about courses taught by me in the near future.